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About changes

Changes spice up our life

About changes

All living organisms keep changing. Change is a part of our life.

Yet, for many people and businesses, it is very difficult to accept changes or to even actively plan and implement them. This is natural – perhaps all organisms strive for stability and energy savings.
It is much easier and more energy-efficient to stick to your routine and to live according to long-lasting stereotypes than it is to set out on a new trail that nobody has walked before you.

The tendency to change clashes with the effort to remain unchanged.

Moreover, a change represents a step into the unknown and you have to find the courage to make that step. Any fear or uncertainty slow down changes. They hamper not only the implementation of the change itself, but also restrict the use of our skills.

A real change can occur only if the desire to make a change is stronger than our fear and temporary discomfort that are associated with the change.

Sometimes, all you need if you want to change is to receive the necessary impulse and to overcome barriers that are in your path. If you overcome the initial transitional period before the change, or the “new”, has stabilized, you have won – and a desired change becomes reality.


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