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About me


I have dedicated my entire professional life to targeted changes.

I have been helping both corporate and private clients for more than 27 years, turning their ideas and visions into reality and making sure that desired changes happen gradually in their lives or in everyday business practice.

The process of change has become the main focus of my work.

Thanks to my many years of experience with various change processes, I implement change management in harmony with the principles of natural creativity.

I have found out that the process of change as such is subject to certain, “generally applicable” principles. Be it a change in your business or in your private life, all changes display similar and recurring basic principles that are natural to and integral to the process of change as such.

Thanks to the knowledge
of these natural laws and principles, I help my clients:

  • Grasp any change more easily, control and organize it,
  • Find a feasible way to implement the desired changes and propose practical solutions – even in situations where the “direct” path is not possible,
  • Time both the change and its partial steps properly so that the change happens with greater ease and more smoothly.

What I bring

  • Impartiality, a different perspective of your situation,
  • the ability to make the “difficult” easier and the “complex” simpler,
    … and still maintain full respect for the situation and issue,
  • comprehensive work = because I work not only at the practical, material level, but also at more subtle levels (mental, emotional, energetic, etc.),
  • the ability to see and help uncover each client’s greatest potential, activate his or her best strengths and at the same time, transform or reduce the undesirable ones,
  • since a change can sometimes mean a “journey into the unknown” for a client, I provide them with the courage to deal with unpleasant issues that they have been postponing, and to overcome dogmas and damaging bad habits,
  • I also help my clients to realize what the root cause of unpleasant situations is, which makes it easier to implement desired changes into their everyday life,
  • I offer subtle but consistent support throughout the process of change.


Ing. Lenka Palatová

Mobile+420 602 610 086
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AddressIng. Lenka Palatová
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