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For individuals

I will support you to make sure that your changes are carried out flawlessly and gracefully.

In the context of change management for individuals, I can help you to plan and support:

1) deeper changes of a long-term nature = with a targeted personal development

2) short-term practical changes, such as

I can support you throughout the process of change, or help you with individual steps. Examples:

Although I support controlled changes, I respect both the natural principles of human development and the subsequent important stages of your life. I will support you in your efforts to take responsibility for your own life and mature into a healthy adulthood.

I provide a comprehensive form of work that is particularly suitable for implementing deep, longer-lasting changes within the personal development process, and that represents the concept of Settling at Health, which allows me to apply a holistic, systematic approach when I work with my clients.

As part of the support I provide during the decision-making process, I combine various decision-making methods, including decision-making procedures that do not rely just on a rational approach and conscious information, but those that also engage and mediate sensory and intuitive perception. If necessary, I can also apply constellation work, special techniques to work with your body, posture and breathing, music therapy or the neoshamanism method.


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